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Ipamark is an innovative and state-of-the-art company that has always integrated new technologies. These are just some of the milestones that have marked our leadership in the field:

  • Since the company was founded in 1990, all the files have been included in our database and the official bulletins are consulted over the computer in order to detect objections/resolutions and similarities.
  • We have a computer program that manages deadlines and it sends communications and invoices and makes the necessary payments to the relevant organizations.
  • Before the Spanish Trademark Office offered the possibility of the electronic filing of trademark applications, Ipamark was already preparing the computerized forms. Nowadays we are one of the few agencies that file applications in batches using the XML standard established by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Our program detects not only similar names, but it also identifies graphic or semantic resemblances. There is no other agency in the sector that provides this degree of service.
  • Since 2003, Ipamark has been a paper-free office. All our documents are digitalized, so locating and controlling them is very fast and effective.
  • Ipamark has undertaken the electronic filing standards established by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, so nowadays virtually all written communications and applications are submitted electronically.
  • We have also implemented an electronic invoicing system so we can, and usually do if the client agrees, send communications and invoices through electronic means only.

Definitively, Ipamark is a modern company committed to helping save the environment.