About Us


We are an international firm of lawyers and experts in patents and trademarks.

Considering patents and trademarks as the guideline elements of our work process, we build relationships based on trust with our clients to add value to their most important as-sets: their patents and trademarks.

Our methodology is based on understanding each of our clients’ DNA and specific needs to be able to provide an outstanding service based on our expertise and to successfully fulfill the challenges of each project, regardless of the market or the scope of action.

Our tools are research, strategy, technology, know-how, experience and a constant search for excellence.

Our areas of expertise include consulting, patents, trademarks, designs and digital envi-ronment, where we offer the know-how and experience acquired over a track record of more than 30 years working with major clients across all sectors, both public and private.


Ipamark, founded in 1990, has a long and prestigious track record at both the national and international level.

With seven delegations in Spain and a large team of correspondents that operate at the international level, ipamark guarantees a customized, quality service for all our clients.


Ipamark was born with the purpose of helping to protect and defend the most valuable assets of creators, organizations and companies.

For more than 30 years, our large team of professionals has been helping both our national and international clients protect their most valued assets: Their ideas.

Our multidisciplinary team has vast experience in the advising, consulting and registration of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Domains, as well as in technical and legal assistance and national and international court actions in all matters related to Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Our founding purpose is to help protect our clients’ most valuable assets: their patents and trademarks.

Maintaining our founding values based on integrity, transparency, honesty, responsibility and good practice at all times.

Quality, constant improvement and operational excellence make up our DNA since 1990.