We are an international firm of attorneys and specialists in intellectual property.


Ipamark provides legal and consulting services in Intellectual Property, with the permanent commitment to respond to your requirements in a timely and efficient manner, protecting your interests. Mainly, we give advise to companies, organizations, institutions and people in general, all related to the business world.

As experts in patents and trademarks, at Ipamark we are used to doing:

  • Status reports and evaluation of the possible needs that your company may have in all aspects of Industrial Property, so that it can be more competitive and can develop an effective strategy and manage risks in this matter with greater security.
  • Informes Freedom to Operate (FTO)reports, that is, a report that tells you whether it is commercially safe for you to manufacture or sell your product in the country where you want to do so, without infringing the rights of third parties.

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